Why Cloaked Systems

A break-in takes place every 13 seconds.

Stop them in their tracks with a CLOAKED device. 

Cloaked Systems is a leading-edge, innovative company providing products and services that make a true change and save lives and properties.

Based in Houston, we have rapidly expanded across the nation and can provide our game-changing products to your business, anywhere you might be. 

Robust Product Design

We provide the highest quality products that are expertly engineered, calibrated and pressure-tested in our manufacturing 

Safe Cover Saves Lives

When you are home, in your own fortress, you should be safe and secure. Traditional home security systems do not prevent burglary and above all, do not prevent harm to your person. 28% of all burglaries report that someone was home or at the place of business or warehouse, and 7% of them are violently inflected. 

Dense, immediate and rapid coverage of our specially engineered products ensure that burglars are stopped in their tracks, and you can retreat to safe area and alert authorities. 

It takes an average police response 20 minutes to arrive. 



Our Process

Setup Consultation

Collect Premises Details

Propose Products

Deliver & Install